The EYE’EM Award

April 15, 2010 Art & Design

It appears there are more and more exhibits and competitions for mobile phone photography. I’m glad to see the medium grow. Recently, I submitted five images to the EYE’EM Award, “an international competition dedicated to the rise of mobile photography as a new artform.” Here are the four most important rules for the competition (see the complete rules & requirements):

  1. Images must be taken with a mobile phone camera
  2. Participants may enter up to five pictures free of charge
  3. Both mobile as well as desktop applications are permitted for retouching images (I’m not too keen on allowing desktop editing)
  4. The deadline to enter is April 25, 2010

The winning images will be exhibited in Berlin and the finalists will be featured in an exhibit book.

Here’s a link to the images I submitted to the contest.

EYE'EM Submission by Devon Akmon

EYE'EM Submission by Devon Akmon

2 Replies to “The EYE’EM Award”

  1. J.Knecht says:

    snowy commute is a winner.

  2. Devon Akmon says:

    Thanks! That’s one of my favorites. I’ve sent it as a submission to a few competitions, but no luck so far.

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