#iPhoneography | National City Christian Church

June 22, 2014 iPhoneography

The best way to see a city while traveling is by foot. I spend a good amount of time in Washington, DC for work. I feel like I know the city fairly well, yet I am constantly amazed by the monumental architecture of the city.

I arrived in town earlier today to attend the Smithsonian Affiliations Advisory Council meeting and 2014 Annual Conference, which are taking place this week. Upon arrival, I hiked a few miles across town to grab some groceries from Whole Foods. Along the way I stumbled upon the National City Christian Church. This beautiful, neoclassical church was designed by John Russell Pope, the architect of Jefferson Memorial, the National Archives and Records Administration building, and the West Building of the National Gallery of Art. In all my time in DC, I never have noticed this church. Pretty impressive.

An picture of National City Christian Church

National City Christian Church in Washington, DC.

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