Coming Soon: World Museum Book Collection

December 23, 2010 News

Gregory Chamberlain and Museum Identity are publishing a promising collection of books that will explore timely issues and trends from within the global museum community. This nine volume collection includes chapters written by over one hundred museum professionals from seventeen countries. That’s pretty impressive!

The nine books that comprise the collection are:

  • The Radical Museum: democracy, dialogue & debate
  • Museums and Meaning: idiosyncrasy, individuality and identity
  • Meaning Making & Storytelling: engaging visitors, empowering discovery and igniting debate
  • Museums Fighting Human Rights
  • Greener Museums: sustainability, society and public engagement
  • Museums Forward: social media, broadcasting and the web
  • Museum Learning: knowledge, ideas and inspiration
  • Interactive Galleries: digital technology, handheld interpretation and new media
  • Museum Public: audience development, brand identity and marketing strategies

The chapter I contributed, Connecting Communities: Dispelling Stereotypes and Building Community History, will be featured in The Radical Museum: democracy, dialogue & debate, which will be published in January 2011. To learn more about the books and to order your copy, visit Museum Identity.

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