Hara Hachi Bu

Several years ago I read an excellent book published by National Geographic called The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest. In the book, Explorer Dan Buettner describes nine habits to living longer, healthier lives.

This Thanksgiving, I’m putting into practice the concept of hara hachi bu, a Confucian teaching that instructs people to eat until they are 80 percent full. Excessive shopping, eating, and other gluttonous activities seem contrary to the idea of giving thanks for what we have, no? I prefer good food and conversation, in moderation, with those that matter most. Happy Thanksgiving.

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55th Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk.

Here are some photographs from the 55th Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk. This was our first time participating in the annual five mile walk. Despite the crowds, the walk across the bridge at sunrise was beautiful!

Recommendations from our itinerary:

  • Eat at Legs Inn in Cross Village. It might be the best Polish restaurant in the state.
  • Stay at Wilderness State Park. Campsites are next to the Lake Michigan shoreline and the location is a short drive to the Mackinac Bridge and Sturgeon Bay.
A picture of Devon and Dharma at the 2012 Bridge Walk
The 2012 Bridge Walk with Dharma
Walkers on the 2012 Mackinac Bridge Walk
The 2012 Mackinac Bridge Walk
A picture of walkers at the 2012 Mackinac Bridge Walk
The 2012 Mackinac Bridge Walk
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One Day Ride Across Michigan

On Saturday I completed my first One Day Ride Across Michigan (ODRAM). The ride started near the Lake Michigan coast in Montague and traversed the state to the Lake Huron coast in Bay City. The self-supported ride was approximately 150 miles, which now marks the farthest I’ve ridden in one day. Bring on the randonneuring!

The weather was perfect for the long ride; sunny skies and temps in the mid-70s. Big love to Dharma for providing S.A.G. along the route. We’d meet up every 25-30 miles along the course. Since I was riding solo, it was nice to have breaks to stop, talk, and refill on water and nutrition.

Although the ride was big fun, I’m not sure that I’ll do it again soon. I’ve been reading about several multi-day rides through various states, including Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan (DALMAC!). I think these are higher priorities for now. Also, I might squeeze in one more century ride before the end of the fall. We’ll see where things go…

Image of the ODRAM route
Image of ODRAM Garmin data
ODRAM Garmin Data
Image at a rest stop along the ODRAM
Rest stop at 55 miles!
Image at the finish line of ODRAM
The finish!
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Mad Anthony River Rally Century Ride

Last weekend I participated in the Mad Anthony River Rally century ride. This was my first time riding in Ohio. All in all, it was a fun event. There were a few hundred riders, good weather, decent support, and a scenic route. The course was incredibly flat, but the headwinds for approximately twenty miles were a real pain. In fact, my only complaint is that the pancake breakfast at mile 17 was poorly marked; I completely missed it!

The M.A.R.R. ride was my first century of the year and only the second I’ve ever completed. Next weekend I’m scheduled to ride the One Day Ride Across Michigan (ODRAM). That’s 150 miles from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron. Big fun!

Image of M.A.R.R. Route
M.A.R.R. Route

Image of M.A.R.R. Ride Data
M.A.R.R. Ride Data
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