Professional Development

A Simple Equation for Running Effective Meetings

Inc. just published a nice short article about running effective meetings (6 Things You Need to Know About Leading a Meeting). Yeah, we’ve all sat through our fair share of terrible meetings. In fact, as much as it sucks to admit, I’m certain I’ve conducted a few bad meetings myself. Of the six tips featured in the article, this one resonated most for me: No leader + no documentation + no follow up = waste of time. That’s easy enoughRead More

Emerging Leaders

My five month professional development training with the Michigan Nonprofit Association’s Emerging Leaders program has come to an end. In general, I’ve found that professional development trainings are either hit or miss. Emerging Leaders was right on the spot. There were several things that made this program a success. First, we had a great cohort. The group was diverse and represented many different areas from within the nonprofit sector. This afforded great discussions and a wealth of information sharing. Second,Read More