Minneapolis, Minnesota

April 30, 2012 Travel

Highlights from my first day in Minneapolis. I spent a few hours exploring the Walker Art Center. This was my first visit to the museum. The Walker has served as a huge source of inspiration over the years due to their leadership within the museum field. I’ve been especially inspired and challenged by their new media initiatives. The museum lived up to my expectations. Several great exhibits were on display, including Lifelike (“a close examination of artworks based on commonplaceRead More

The Writing’s On The Wall

April 14, 2012 Art & Design, Travel

Some call it graffiti, others call it art. Words and thoughts expressed on the walls of Beirut. Captured via an iPhone.

Travelogue: Beirut, Lebanon

February 17, 2012 Travel, Work

I just finished a four-day trip to Beirut, Lebanon for work. It was such an intense experience. My family immigrated from Lebanon about 100 years ago and this was my first time visiting the “homeland.” So, you can imagine my excitement leading up to the trip. This excitement grew tenfold during the plane’s descent into the city, which offered stunning views of snowcapped mountains and a beautiful Mediterranean shoreline. Despite the short stay, I explored and experienced many great thingsRead More

Travelogue | Thanksgiving in Florida

November 24, 2011 Travel

As much as I love my home state, I’m starting to appreciate our (seemingly) annual Thanksgiving getaway to warm destinations. This year, Dharma and I are spending a week in Florida at my parents’ new condo. It’s so nice to be relaxing in a warm and sunny climate. I find that a vacation this time of the year is well-needed. With shorter days and colder weather, the transition between fall and winter can be tough. Coupled with an insanely busyRead More

Travelogue: Houston, Texas

November 6, 2011 Travel

I just returned from a 48-hour trip to Houston. Although I had little time to explore the sprawling city, it was nice to see the sun, to feel its warmth, and to get a glimpse of this southern metropolis. Trying to figure out public transportation was too confusing and time consuming, so I logged some serious mileage ambulating around town. I was a little startled by what I discovered. For being the largest city in Texas, and the fourth largestRead More

Travelogue: Detroit, MI

November 1, 2011 Travel

I love when guests from out-of-town come to visit. It’s a great opportunity to show off things and places that are unique to our state and region. This past week, Dharma’s dad and brother paid us a visit. Some of the places we took our guests included the Dexter Cider Mill, the Nichols Arboretum, Joe Louis Arena for a Detroit Red Wings hockey game, and El Barzon for dinner. Additionally, we visited the Cadieux Cafe in Detroit for a fewRead More

Footage from the Inka Trail

July 21, 2011 Adventure, Travel

I just finished editing some footage we shot with the GoPro during our four-day hike along the Inka Trail into Machu Picchu. Enjoy.

Amazing Places: Floyd’s Pelican Bar

June 22, 2011 Travel

Situated on a sandbar off the southern coast of Jamaica, Floyd’s Pelican Bar is simply paradise. We visited Delroy “Floyd” Forbes’ bar back in 2005 while staying at Jake’s Island Outpost in Treasure Beach. It was our honeymoon and we were in pursuit of adventure. So, we hooked up with a local fisherman for a tour of the Black River. The fisherman introduced us to Floyd’s, which is located nearby in the Parottee Bay. We sipped cold Red Stripes, ateRead More

New York | Artifacts

March 29, 2011 Food, Travel

Momofuku Noodle Bar Momofuku Milk Bar Momofuku Milk Bar Eataly Domori Stumptown Coffee Roasters Stumptown Coffee Roasters iPhoneography=Instagram+PS Express


March 25, 2011 Travel

I’m a little late sharing our photos from Newgrange. We visited the historic site in July 2010.